Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Illustration Series

Personal project inspired by storybooks illustrating the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals.

Map of the NHL 2021 – 2022 Season

‘The Kraken Rises’

A short series of illustrations depicting the emergence of the Kraken within Seattle, done for the 2021 Expansion Draft as a personal project.

‘Floral Philadelphia Flyers’

A redesign of the Flyers logo inspired by illuminated letters, created for embroidered appearal for myself.

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021 Teaser

A personal project where I reimagined the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and created a series of illustrations and a small teaser based on the concept.

Misc Hockey Posters / Design

Various of miscellaneous illustrations & designs based on various of hockey teams / events.

NHL Cities: Seattle

NHL Cities: Vancouver

NHL Cities: Calgary Flames

NHL Cities: San Jose